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Décembre 2021
Bilodeau J, Quesnel-Vallée A, Beauregard N, Brault MC Gender, work-family conflict and depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic among Quebec graduate students Preventive Medicine Reports
Octobre 2021
Juvinao-Quintero DL, Cardenas A, Perron P, Bouchard L, Lutz SM, Hivert MF Associations between an integrated component of maternal glycemic regulation in pregnancy and cord blood DNA methylation Epigenomics
Septembre 2021
Lauzier L, Kadri MA, Bouchard E, Bouchard K, Gaboury S, Gagnon JM, Girard MP, Larouche A, Robert R, Lapointe P, da Silva RA, Beaulieu LD Vibration of the Whole Foot Soles Surface Using an Inexpensive Portable Device to Investigate Age-Related Alterations of Postural Control Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Août 2021
Aswad FE, Djogdom GVT, Otis MJ, Ayena JC, Meziane R Image Generation for 2D-CNN Using Time-Series Signal Features from Foot Gesture Applied to Select Cobot Operating Mode Sensors
Bélanger É, Laprise C Could the Epigenetics of Eosinophils in Asthma and Allergy Solve Parts of the Puzzle? International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Dumain M, Jaglin P, [...], Lavallière M, et al. Long-Term Efficacy of a Home-Care Hypnosis Program in Elderly Persons Suffering From Chronic Pain: A 12-Month Follow-Up Pain Management Nursing
Everson TM, Vives-Usano M, [...], Bouchard L, et al. Placental DNA methylation signatures of maternal smoking during pregnancy and potential impacts on fetal growth Nature communications
Gaboury I, Breton M, [...], Poitras MÈ, Loignon C, Vasiliadis HM Interprofessional advanced access – a quality improvement protocol for expanding access to primary care services BMC Health Services Research
Ghildayal N, Fore R, Lutz SM, Cardenas A, Perron P, Bouchard L, Hivert MF Early-pregnancy maternal body mass index is associated with common DNA methylation markers in cord blood and placenta: a paired-tissue epigenome-wide association study Epigenetics
Grenier A, Legault J, Pichette A, Jean L, Bélanger A, Pouliot R Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Anti-Aging Potential of a Kalmia angustifolia Extract and Identification of Some Major Compounds Antioxidants
Hadianfar A, Yousefi R, Delavary M, Fakoor V, Shakeri MT, Lavallière M Effects of government policies and the Nowruz holidays on confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iran: An intervention time series analysis PLoS One
Roebuck M. Aubry T, Leclerc V, Bergeron-Leclerc C, et al. Validation of the Patient Generated Index for people with severe mental illness Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
Juillet 2021
Alsarraf J, Petitpoisson L, Pichette A Catalytic Site-Selective Carbamoylation of Pyranosides Organic letters
Côté C, Fortin J, Brais B, Youssof S, Gagnon C Cross-cultural adaptation of the SWAL-QOL and the Sydney Swallow Questionnaire (SSQ) into French-Canadian and preliminary assessment for their use in an oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) population Quality of life research
Faleschini S, Doyon M, Arguin M, Perron P, Bouchard L, Hivert MF Associations of maternal insulin resistance during pregnancy and offspring inflammation at birth and at 5 years of age: A prospective study in the Gen3G cohort Cytokine
Girouard A, Dion J, Bőthe B, O'Sullivan L, Bergeron S Bullying Victimization and Sexual Wellbeing in Sexually Active Heterosexual, Cisgender and Sexual/Gender Minority Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Johnson H, Flynn C Collaboration for Improving Social Work Practice: The Promise of Feminist Participatory Action Research Journal of Women & Social Work
Lion Q, Pichette A, Mihoub M, Mshvildadze V, Legault J Phenolic Extract from Aralia nudicaulis L. Rhizomes Inhibits Cellular Oxidative Stresses Molecules
Poitras ME, Bélanger E, Vaillancourt VT, et al. Interventions to Improve Trainers' Learning and Behaviors for Educating Health care Professionals Using Train-the-Trainer Method: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis The Journal of continuing education in the health professions
Vaillancourt S, Coulombe-Lévêque A, Fradette J, Martel S, Naour W, da Silva RA, Léonard G Combining transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with therapeutic exercise to reduce pain in an elderly population: a pilot study Disability & Rehabilitation
Juin 2021
Azuma RHE, Merlo JK, Jacinto JL, Borim JM, da Silva RA, et al. Photobiomodulation Therapy at 808 nm Does Not Improve Biceps Brachii Performance to Exhaustion and Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness in Young Adult Women: A Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial Frontiers in Physiology
Côté H, Pichette A, St-Gelais A, Legault J The Biological Activity of Monarda didyma L. Essential Oil and Its Effect as a Diet Supplement in Mice and Broiler Chicken Molecules
Degroote E, Brault M-C, Van Houtte M Teachers as disorder-spotters: (in)decisiveness in assigning a child’s hyperactivity, impulsivity and/or inattention to adhd as the underlying cause European Journal of Special Needs Education
De La Sablonnière-Griffin M, Paquette G, Hélie S, Dion J Child maltreatment investigations and substantiations in child protection services: Factors distinguishing children with intellectual disabilities Disability and Health Journal
Dion J, Boisvert S, Paquette G, et al. Sexual Violence at University: Are Indigenous Students More at Risk? Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Lehouillier F, Dugas MO, Lavallière M Impact of a Season of Bike Patrol on Police Officers' Level of Fitness: A Pilot Study International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Lu T, Cardenas A, Perron P, Hivert MF, Bouchard L, Greenwood CMT. Detecting cord blood cell type-specific epigenetic associations with gestational diabetes mellitus and early childhood growth Clinical Epigenetics
Margaritte-Jeannin P, Budu-Aggrey A, Ege M, Madore AM, [...], Laprise C, et al. Identification of OCA2 as a novel locus for the co-morbidity of asthma-plus-eczema Clinical and experimental allergy
Oskoui M, Gonorazky H, [...], Gagnon C, Selby K Guidance on gene replacement therapy in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: a Canadian perspective Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
Traschütz A, Reich S, [...], Gagnon C, et al. The ARCA Registry: A Collaborative Global Platform for Advancing Trial Readiness in Autosomal Recessive Cerebellar Ataxias Frontiers in neurology
Mai 2021
Ardaillou A, Alsarraf J, Legault J, Simard F, Pichette A Hemisynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cinnamylated, Benzylated, and Prenylated Dihydrochalcones from a Common Bio-Sourced Precursor Antibiotics (Basel)
Blais AA, Tremblay C, [...], Bouchard J, da Silva RA The importance of adapting functional test instructions for older adults with neurocognitive disorders Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics
Cloutier M, Prévost MJ, Lavoie S, [...], Legault J, et al. Total synthesis, isolation, surfactant properties, and biological evaluation of ananatosides and related macrodilactone-containing rhamnolipids Chemical Science
Sasseville M, Chouinard M-C, Fortin M Evaluating the content of a patient-reported outcome measure for people with multimorbidity: A delphi consensus Quality of Life Research
Tremblay K, Rousseau S, Zawati MH, [...], Laprise C, et al. The Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC19)-A cohort to prospectively study the clinical and biological determinants of COVID-19 clinical trajectories PloS one
Wolking S, Moreau C, [...], Girard SL, Cossette P Assessing the role of rare genetic variants in drug-resistant, non-lesional focal epilepsy Annals of clinical and translational neurology
Avril 2021
Aubin M, Vézina L, Verreault R, Simard S, et al. A randomized clinical trial assessing a pragmatic intervention to improve supportive care for family caregivers of patients with lung cancer Palliative & Supportive Care
Aubin M, Vézina L, Verreault R, Simard S, et al. Continuity of Cancer Care and Collaboration Between Family Physicians and Oncologists: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial Annals of Family Medicine
Aubin M, Vézina L, Verreault R, Simard S, et al. Distress experienced by lung cancer patients and their family caregivers in the first year of their cancer journey Palliative & Supportive Care
Baghezza R, Bouchard K, Bouzouane A, Gouin-Vallerand C From Offline to Real-Time Distributed Activity Recognition in Wireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare: A Review Sensors (Basel)
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Bőthe B, Vaillancourt-Morel MP, Dion J, Štulhofer A, Bergeron S Validity and reliability of the short version of the Problematic Pornography Consumption Scale (PPCS-6-A) in adolescents Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
Fadlallah G, Rebaine D, Mcheick H A Greedy Scheduling Approach for Peripheral Mobile Intelligent Systems IoT
Forgues C, Fortin J, Gagnon C, Brisson JD, Mathieu J, Brais B, Côté C Nutritional Risk in Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy: Beyond Dysphagia Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research
Groussin M, Poyet M, Sistiaga A, [...], Girard C, et al. Elevated rates of horizontal gene transfer in the industrialized human microbiome Cell
Kienlin S, Poitras ME, Stacey D, Nytrøen K, Kasper J Ready for SDM: evaluating a train-the-trainer program to facilitate implementation of SDM training in Norway BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Laberge L, Gallais B, Auclair J, Dauvilliers Y, Côté I, Mathieu J, Gagnon C Responsiveness of daytime sleepiness and fatigue scales in myotonic dystrophy type 1 Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
Roussel MP, Fiset MM, Gauthier L, Lavoie C, McNicoll É, Pouliot L, Gagnon C, Duchesne E Assessment of muscular strength and functional capacity in the juvenile and adult myotonic dystrophy type 1 population: a 3-year follow-up study Journal of Neurology
Sasseville M, LeBlanc A, Boucher M, et al. Digital health interventions for the management of mental health in people with chronic diseases: a rapid review BMJ Open
Tremblay M, Muslemani S, Côté I, Gagnon C, Fortin J, Gallais B Accomplishment of instrumental activities of daily living and its relationship with cognitive functions in adults with myotonic dystrophy type 1 childhood phenotype: an exploratory study BMC Psychology
Mars 2021
Blais K, Arguin M, Allard C, Doyon M, Dolinsky VW, Bouchard L, Hivert MF, Perron P Maternal glucose in pregnancy is associated with child's adiposity and leptin at 5 years of age Pediatric Obesity
Börner C, Urban G, Beaulieu LD, et al. The bottom-up approach: Non-invasive peripheral neurostimulation methods to treat migraine: A scoping review from the child neurologist's perspective European Journal Of Pediatrics
Chapron K, Lapointe P, Lessard I, Darsmstadt-Bélanger H, Bouchard K, Gagnon C, Lavoie M, Duchesne E, Gaboury S Acti-DM1: Monitoring the Activity Level of People With Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Through Activity and Exercise Recognition IEEE Access
Cherblanc J, Bergeron-Leclerc C, Maltais D, Cadell S, Gauthier G, Labra O, Ouellet-Plamondon C Predictive factors of spiritual quality of life during the covid-19 pandemic: A multivariate analysis Journal of Religion and Health
Ding J, Hostallero DE, El Khili MR, [...], Tremblay K, Emad A, Rousseau S A network-informed analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis genes' interactions points to Neutrophil extracellular traps as mediators of thrombosis in COVID-19 PLOS Computational Biology
Francillette Y, Boucher E, Bouchard B, Bouchard K, Gaboury S Serious games for people with mental disorders: State of the art of practices to maintain engagement and accessibility Entertainment Computing
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Kouamé K-M, Mcheick H An Ontological Approach for Early Detection of Suspected COVID-19 among COPD Patients Applied System Innovation
Legendre M, Côté M, Aimé A, Brault MC, Dion J, Bégin C The children's eating attitudes test: French validation of a short version Eating and Weight Disorders
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Scoz RD, Alves BMO, [...], Da Silva RA , et al. Strength development according with age and position: a 10-year study of 570 soccer players BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
Février 2021
Auclair-Pilote J, Lalande D, Tinawi S, Feyz M, de Guise E Satisfaction of basic psychological needs following a mild traumatic brain injury and relationships with post-concussion symptoms, anxiety, and depression Disability and Rehabilitation
Maitre J, Bouchard K, Bertuglia C, Gaboury S Recognizing activities of daily living from UWB radars and deep learning Expert Systems with Applications
Martin JS, Laberge L, Sasseville A, et al. Timely use of in-car dim blue light and blue blockers in the morning does not improve circadian adaptation of fast rotating shift workers Chronobiology International
Sasseville M, Chouinard MC, Fortin M Understanding patient outcomes to develop a multimorbidity adapted patient-reported outcomes measure: a qualitative description of patient and provider perspectives Health and Quality of Life Outcomes
Segning CM, Ezzaidi H, da Silva RA, Ngomo S A Neurophysiological Pattern as a Precursor of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Using EEG Combined with EMG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Viviani CA, Bravo G, Lavallière M, et al. Productivity in older versus younger workers: A systematic literature review Work
Janvier 2021
Ayena JC, Chioukh L, Otis MJ, Deslandes D Risk of Falling in a Timed Up and Go Test Using an UWB Radar and an Instrumented Insole Sensors (Basel)
Beauchesne W, Savard C, Côté-Hamel M, Poliquin É, Gagné-Ouellet V, Gagnon C, Tremblay K Characterization of cannabis use by patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1: A pilot study Neuromuscular Disorders
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Cyr M, Dion J, Gendron A, Powell M, Brubacher S A test of three refresher modalities on child forensic interviewers’ posttraining performance Psychology, Public Policy, and Law
Demongivert C, Bouchard K, Gaboury S, et al. A distributable event-oriented architecture for activity recognition in smart homes Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments
Dugas MO, Simard L, Chevrette T, Lavallière M Is the ACSM and FRIEND Metabolic Equations Valid for Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness Among 18-34 Aged Men? : Preliminary Results Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology
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Kadri MA, Violette M, Dallaire M, de Oliveira FCL, Lavallière M, Ngomo S, Beaulieu LD, Larivière C, da Silva RA The immediate effect of two lumbar stabilization methods on postural control parameters and their reliability during two balance tasks Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy
Mailloux C, Beaulieu LD, Wideman TH, Massé-Alarie H Within-session test-retest reliability of pressure pain threshold and mechanical temporal summation in healthy subjects PLoS One
Powe CE, Udler MS, Hsu S, [...], Bouchard L, et al. Genetic Loci and Physiologic Pathways Involved in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Implicated Through Clustering Diabetes
Rahman ML, Doyon M, Arguin M, Perron P, Bouchard L, Hivert MF A prospective study of maternal adiposity and glycemic traits across pregnancy and mid-childhood metabolomic profiles International Journal of Obesity
Décembre 2020
Bégin W ,Duquette S, Lavallière M Real Application for a Low-Cost Low-Power Self-Driving 1/10 Scale Car J Robotics Autom
Bernier J, Poitras MÈ, Lavoie M Trajectoire et vécu des personnes traitées pour un infarctus du myocarde en région éloignée : étude exploratoire descriptive Recherche en soins infirmiers
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Zicarelli CAM, Santos JPM, Poli-Frederico RC, da Silva RA, et al. Reliability of pressure pain threshold to discriminate individuals with neck and low back pain Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Novembre 2020
Aimé A, Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M, Dion J, et al. Assessing positive body image, body satisfaction, weight bias, and appearance comparison in emerging adults: A cross-validation study across eight countries Body Image
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Octobre 2020
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Septembre 2020
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